NFTs with remix-able layers, built on Solana. Mint, unmerge, & remix your layers to create a collaborative masterpiece — your magnum opus.

The Mission

An NFT is nothing without its community. We've designed our project to encourage our community to remix, mingle & collaborate.

We work with talented artists to craft simple layers of a larger canvas. Four layers come together to create 1 NFT. The community then uses our protocol & tool to abstract the individual layers of the NFT, remix or exchange with others and re-mint a masterpiece of their own.

Magnum Opus is a planet-wide art collective & experiment with the community at the center of the creation process.  


Mint a merged NFT, consisting of 4 stacked layers: 1 background and 3 pattern layers.

Each NFT comes with 4 layers. Use our tool to separate the layers, which will burn the NFT from that collection and separate the layers into individual NFTs.

Trade any of your 4 layer NFTs in our trading & escrow integration, community market on Discord or (eventually) on secondaries.

Use our tool to re-merge the individual layers of all your NFTs and create a newly remixed masterpiece. Remix and re-mint as many times as you want.

Show Off.
Use your NFTs as a Twitter banner, Instagram story background or phone screen lock. Every month, we'll also post a Combo Leaderboard where you can verify if you have the right combo to win prizes!

An experiment in co-creation, collaboration & remixing.

The Tech

We'll soon reveal the amazing & new technology behind our merging and unmerging mechanism. More soon.

The Journey


The Genesis Collection Drops.
We’ll have a series of drops, leading up to the larger public sale. The dates of these drops will be revealed on our website, Twitter and on Discord.

Each drop will release a limited supply, with prices getting higher each subsequent drop.

Our drops will reward our most active community members. More details on eligibility soon.


The Combo Reveal
We want to encourage remixing and mingling with fellow community members.

Certain combinations of layers equate to an equivalent # of points. Be the first to verify you have the right combination of layers on our website and receive prizes in Solana in return!


The Genesis Collection Full Launch.
We'll fully launch our full Genesis collection. The remaining layers will be available to mint for the general public.


Secondary Marketplace Listings.
We’re a project that encourages community and collaboration, not short-term cash grabs. Trading will first happen within our Discord #trading channel, for our early believers. We list on secondaries when we mint the full collection.

We plan to get listed on Magic Eden, Solanart and DigitalEyes.


Magnum Opus Generation II & Beyond.
We want to use our merging tech and learnings from our community-driven experiment for future drops and for partnering alongside other projects.

In the future, the vibe, the feel and the artist will be voted on by the genius and genuine members in our community.

The Vibes

A project is nothing without its community. So we want to make sure we attract the right types of vibes to our community from the very start.

We want a community that:
🍃 roots for each other
🌳 wants to uplift the ecosystem
📈 loves to learn & grow
✨ gives as much as they get
🍭 loves to play games & have fun
🤝 is welcoming, friendly & open
🌈 welcomes diversity of thought

We stay away from:
🤑 talk on cash grabs, floors, rarities
🩳 short-term
👎 negative talk
🤬 aggressive shilling & promos
🐚 selfish-thinking
💩 party pooping
🔐 close-mindedness

And, of course, as we learn & grow with you, our vibes will ebb & flow & grow, too. If you vibe with us, come join the fun.

The Team

Community power user by day, founder in the PM, creator by night
Builder of the best Solana wallet, your friendly neighborhood code monkey
Vector and designer extraordinaire, sleeps and dreams of new worlds 12 hours a day

A planet-wide  collective with the community at the center of the creation process.  


Join us.